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Recreational Martial Arts Program

Recreational martial arts offer more than just physical exercise and self-discipline – they can also equip individuals with practical self-defense skills and techniques that can be utilized in potentially dangerous situations, providing a sense of empowerment and preparedness that can carry over into other aspects of their lives.

ALL-IN-ONE After School Learning

Our team of professionals and caring staff offer a variety of sports training, tutoring, lessons, and martial arts activities that promote physical fitness, confidence, knowledge and skill development, teamwork, and leadership building. Our experienced and dedicated coaches and instructors are passionate about their sports and committed to helping students develop their skills and achieve their goals, especially in Taekwondo.


American Sports Academy’s Licensed Taekwondo program is designed to offer a comprehensive learning experience for individuals of all levels. The program is licensed to conduct color and black belt programs, an elite program, and a leadership program. The program director holds a 4-year degree in Taekwondo, Physical Education, and has completed Teaching Credentials from Kyunghee University in South Korea, ensuring high-quality instruction and mentorship with over 20 +years of teaching U.S. alone.

Seasonal Sports

American Sports Academy’s All-In-One Learning Center offers seasonal sports programs that provide a wide range of benefits for individuals of all ages, with a strong emphasis on stamina and basic skill development to promote enjoyment and motivation. These sports programs include basketball, volleyball, soccer, and others, and are designed to help participants build endurance, improve their fundamental skills, and develop a love for the sport.


Learning a new language is not only beneficial for communication, but it also enhances cognitive abilities, such as memory, problem-solving, and critical thinking skills. Research has shown that bilingual children tend to have better academic performance, as they are able to switch between different languages and understand different cultural perspectives.

Music & Art

By participating in music and art classes, students are given a platform to express their creativity and imagination. This can help develop their creative abilities and inspire them to think outside the box. Learning to play an instrument or create art requires focus and concentration, which can help improve these skills in other areas of life, such as academics or athletics.

Academic Tutoring

A tutoring program can be highly beneficial for students who struggle with understanding certain concepts and need additional support outside of the classroom. Tutors have the ability to provide one-on-one attention and personalized support that is often difficult to obtain in a traditional classroom setting.


American Sports Academy Camps provide a unique and rewarding experience for students of all ages. Our camps are designed to maximize learning and improve skills in academics, sports, taekwondo, music, arts, and language while having fun.